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Visual Communication Major(M.A./Ph.D)
Visual Communication and Culture Major (M.A./Ph.D)

The goal of Visual Communication and Culture major is to educate students to be able to analyze, understand, and interpret contemporary media and cultural phenomena, based on social science, humanities, aesthetics, and such. In order to analyze various cultural phenomena, students are encouraged to study cultural theories, visual theories, feminism, cultural history, etc., as well as traditional sociology, anthropology, and communication studies. All these readings and discussions will lead them to be intellectuals specializing the production and consumption of visual culture, with the interdisciplinary point of view. Ultimately, those who are trained in this program and graduate are expected to work and build careers in various fields such as culture- and IT-related planners and producers, reporters, television producers and directors, advertising executors, magazine editors, curators, cultural critics, researcher and professors, to name a few.

Head of the major

Sang-Gil Lee (parrhesia@yonsei.ac.kr)


Tae-Jin Yoon, Sang-Gil Lee

Curriculums (examples)

Introduction to Visual Communication, Understanding Media Cultural Studies, Qualitative Research Method, Seminar on Cultural Studies, Seminar on Visual Communication, Sociology of Culture and Arts, Television Studies, Feminism and Visual Culture, Mobile Communication and Culture, Planning and Management of Culture and Arts, Visual Technologies and Everyday Culture, Politics and Culture in Entertainment Industry, Research Methods in Social Science, Political Economy of Media and Culture, Visual Culture and Space.

Communication Design Major (M.F.A.)
Cultural Mediation Major (M.A./Ph.D.)

‘Cultural Mediation’ means the practices to mediate cultural products to contexts, and to audiences. The educational goal of this major is to train students to be specialists in this mediating practices. They will contribute to the development of arts and cultural industires. At the School, students in Cultural Mediation major study planning, coordination, publishing, marketing, and consumption of art/cultural products. It will cover various fields, including traditional Visual Arts, Theatrical Arts, cultural events, digital contents such as video games and animations, local festivals, and so on. The graduates from this major are expected to be curators, art planners, theatrical producers, cultural policy makers, digital contents planners/producers, cultural educators, cultural marketers, researchers and professors specializing cultural production and consumption, etc.

Head of the major

Tae-Jin Yoon (gopher@yonsei.ac.kr)

(Adjunct) Professors

Tae-Jin Yoon, Sang-Gil Lee, Hyun-Suk Seo, Hyun Jean Lee, Soojin Jun

Curriculums (examples)

Introduction to Cultural Mediation, Cultural Policy and Cultural Industry, Planning and Mediation of Visual Arts, Planning and Mediation of Theatrical Arts, Planning and Production of Digital Contents, Philosophical Foundation of Cultural Planning, Research Methods in Cultural Mediation.

Film Studies Major (M.F.A.)
Communication Design Major (M.F.A.)

The purpose of Communication Design major is to cultivate not only the creative professionals in design practice through planning and production of design projects but also leading researchers and educators based on the knowledge and their expertise that can be applied to the related fields. In addition to students majoring in design or art in their undergraduate, this program is open to students of the humanities, social science and engineering. Communication Design major covers the following areas: Communication Design (visual design), Interaction Design and User Experience design (mobile and digital information systems), Service Design, Brand Communication Design, games and animation. Through this training, graduates can pusue their careers as communication designers or UX designers at the big corporates (electronics, communication, automobile, or game companies), creative directors in advertising/design agency and other related fields.

Head of the major

Hyo-Shin Park hyopark@yonsei.ac.kr


Hyo-Shin Park, Soojin Jun

Curriculums (examples)

Interaction Design Seminar, Interaction Design, Visual System, Digital Poetry, Design for Emotion, User Experience Research Method, Information Visualization, Visualizing Space, Design for Experience, Social Computing, Brand Communication Design, Photographiy Workshop, Thinking Image, Brand Communication, Independent Project Research, Digital City, Mobile Service Design, Service Design Seminar, Design Research Seminar, Research in Human Computer Interaction, UX Design Performance Evaluation Methodology, etc.

졸업생 소개 졸업생 졸업생
Cinema (M.F.A.)

The Cinema major nourishes cinematic thinking and creativity. The purpose of this major course is to help students cultivate cinematic imaginations as the means of critical thinking as well as creative processes beyond the boundaries of conventional disciplines that separate theory and practice. Offering a wide variety of courses on narrative forms, documentary, avant-garde cinema, digital cinema, and genre cinema, among other artistic applications of moving images, the Cinema major encourages open and cross-disciplinary approaches to cinematic traditions.

Head of the major

Hyun-Suk Seo (lucida@yonsei.ac.kr)

Faculty Members

Hyun-Suk Seo, Yun-yeong Lee, Lu Zhang


Aesthetics of Moving Images, Construction of Time and Space, History of Documentary, Elements of Cinematographic Language, Auteur Studies, Avant-Garde Cinema, Contemporary Theories of Moving Images, Cinema and Philosophy, Film Analysis and Writing, Contemporary Art and Moving Images, Horror, Laughter, Post-Cinema, Literature and Cinema, National Cinema, Desire and Violence, Issues in Contemporary Documentary, Space and Place, Cinematic Sound, 20th-Century Music, Cultural History of Sound, Cinema and Psychoanalysis, Film Directing, Korean Documentary

Doctorate in Visual Science(D.F.A.)
Media Art Major (M.F.A.)

The Media Art major explores art in the digital era, including the interactive media art, sound arts, media performance, media facades, exhibition, media art business, media event displays, media narrative composition, drone media operation, etc. We carry out interdisciplinary research and projects including in the contemporary art and digital design, and commercial contents areas. Today, media art is approached as a creative cultural genre that converges various areas such as of art, technology, science, and liberal arts. Our curriculum thus also involves various projects, seminars, and workshops at the Yonsei Digital Experience Center(YDEC), Media Arts & Design Center, X-Media Center, Play Makers Lab, etc. As the firstly established Korea's leading media art curriculum, we have paved the way for cultural education. We have cultivated professionals who are active in a variety of career fields, including contemporary media artists and designers, cultural content planners & producers, and faculty members and researchers in academia.
Lastly, from 2018 as Yonsei University is set to establish a digital innovation campus to help the students upskill to meet the needs of the digital economy, the individual student in our major is also able to create one's own artwork and extend skill by freely using Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Experience Cloud, with individually provided Adobe ID.

Head of the major

Hyun Jean Lee (hyunjean@yonsei.ac.kr)


Hyung-su Kim, Hyun Jean Lee

Curriculums (examples)

Media Arts Business, Play Makers Workshop, Experimental Media, Art and Media Ecology, Visual Music and Sound, Art and Public Sphere, Research Methods in Cultural Arts and Research, VR and Drones, Media Art and Contemporary Art, Visual Media and Cinematic Sound Media Art, Visual Representation, Digital Literacy, Space and Sound, Video Art, Mobile Media Expression, Digital Experimental Video, Storytelling and Media Technology, Art Content Research, etc.

Cultural Mediation(M.A./Ph.D.)
Visual Arts

- Majors : Visual Arts (Communication Design, Cinema, Media Art)

- Degrees awarded : * Visual Arts : Doctor of Fine Arts