Media Cultural Studies 

Cultural Mediation


Communication Studies 
- Majors: Media Cultural Studies, Cultural Mediation

1. Graduate School of Communication & Arts
-M.A. in Media Cultural Studies
-Ph.D. in Media Cultural Studies
-M.A. in Cultural Mediation
-Ph.D. in Cultural Mediation


Majors in Communication Theory (M.A./Ph.D.)
Media Cultural Studies Major (M.A./Ph.D.)

‘Media Cultural Studies’ focuses on establishing a perspective on identifying new media culture phenomena based on theoretical knowledge such as social science, humanities, and aesthetics.

Head of the major

Sang-Gil Lee (parrhesia@yonsei.ac.kr))

(Adjunct) Professors

Tae-Jin Yoon

Curriculums (examples)

Understanding Media Cultural Studies, Qualitative Methodology in Communication Studies, Research on Television Images, Culture and  Society, Digital Media and Cultural Studies, Culture of Space and Visual Images, Statistics for the Social Sciences, Visual Culture and Feminism, Mobile Communication and Culture, Media Cultures and the Cultural Politics

Cultural Mediation Major (M.A./Ph.D.)

‘Cultural Mediation’ means the practices to mediate cultural products to contexts, and to audiences. The educational goal of this major is to train students to be specialists in this mediating practices. They will contribute to the development of arts and cultural industires. At the School, students in Cultural Mediation major study planning, coordination, publishing, marketing, and consumption of art/cultural products. It will cover various fields, including traditional Visual Arts, Theatrical Arts, cultural events, digital contents such as video games and animations, local festivals, and so on. The graduates from this major are expected to be curators, art planners, theatrical producers, cultural policy makers, digital contents planners/producers, cultural educators, cultural marketers, researchers and professors specializing cultural production and consumption, etc.

Head of the major

Tae-Jin Yoon (gopher@yonsei.ac.kr)

(Adjunct) Professors

Bo-Seon Shim

Curriculums (examples)

Introduction to Cultural Mediation, Cultural Policy and Cultural Industry, Planning and Mediation of Visual Arts, Planning and Mediation of Theatrical Arts, Planning and Production of Digital Contents, Philosophical Foundation of Cultural Planning, Research Methods in Cultural Mediation.