Communication Theory


Broadcasting and telecommunication

Advertising and PR


* Since 2017, the Graduate School of Communication & Arts has not recruited MA or Ph.D applicants for Communication major any more. Applicants interested in the communication major should apply for Department of Communication, Graduate School, in Yonsei (gradcomm@yonsei.ac.kr).

Majors in Communication Theory (M.A./Ph.D.)
‘Communication theory’ (MA/Ph.D.)

Communication has become the main keyword to explain any societies in the world. Communication theory aims to address theoretical questions what communication means to people, how communication and/or communicative institutions function in a society, why and how communication should be studied with scientific methods. This sub-major pursues interdisciplinary research paradigm, which integrates social sciences, humanities, and engineering.

Exampled classes for ‘Communication theory’

Communication Theory, Communication Research Methodology, Speech Communication Seminar, Psychology of New Media, Political Communication, Experimental Design and Data Analysis, Human Communication Seminar, Online Data Collection and Analysis, Communication Technology and Community.

‘Journalism’ (MA/Ph.D.)

Journalistic institutions are the lifeblood for the modern society. Everyday we consume social information generated by journalists or journalistic institutions. Journalism aims to seek to understand a variety of journalism practices, including the history of journalism in the world, the legal or institutional aspects of journalism ethics and practices, and the relationship between journalism and democracy.

Exampled classes for ‘Journalism’

Journalism Sociology, Communication Network Analysis, Online Journalism, Content Analysis Seminar.

Broadcasting and Telecommunication major (M.A./Ph.D.)
‘Broadcasting and telecommunication’ (MA/Ph.D.)

Broadcasting and telecommunication industry is one of the main innovators in modern society. This sub-major aims to cover the overall theory and history of broadcasting industry, industry policy and legislation, technological innovations and their effects on social practices. Recent topics (e.g., convergence, the 4th industrial revolution) will be actively investigated and discussed.

Exampled classes for ‘Broadcasting and telecommunication’

Comparative media studies, media technology and social change, multimedia use behavior, media organization and user behavior, media technology and social change, media organization and SNS, audience data analysis

Advertising Promotion major (M.A./Ph.D.)
‘Advertising and PR’ (M.A./Ph.D.)

Advertising and PR (public relations) play more important role in modern society. This sub-major provides professional knowledge necessary for prospective researchers, educators, and practitioners in the fields of advertising and PR. Additionally, other related domains such as sociology, marketing, communication, and psychology will be investigated.

Exampled classes for ‘Advertising and PR’

Advanced Advertising Seminar, Media Planning, Advertising Theory Research, Digital Inclusion, PR Theory, Advertising Seminar, Marketing Communication Workshop.