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"본 공지글은 심보선 교수님께 전달받아 커뮤니케이션대학원 행정팀에서 공지합니다."

The Centre for Media and Journalism Studies at the University of
Groningen has three open postdoc positions (fulltime, for 2 years):


1. Digital platforms, Algorithms and Informed Citizenship
2. Platforms, Cultural Consumption and Taste Formation
3. Media and Digital In- and Exclusion


Applicants are invited to propose a specific project within the scope of
these themes.
You can find more information on these positions below and via: <>


Deadline for applications is: August, 28.
Starting date: Oct. 1^st (possibly Nov. 1^st )
The appointment includes 80% research and 20% teaching


These positions are part of a broader hire of 14 postdocs within the
Humanities in the context of the Dutch sectorplan for Humanities and
Social Sciences. For more info on the other 11 positions: <>


For more information, feel free to contact Marcel Broersma via: <>

커뮤니케이션대학원 행정팀