커뮤니케이션대학원 졸업논문

Predictors of Smartphone Dependency and Mediating Role of Impulsiveness
  • 저자명|최민아
  • 학위|석사
  • 졸업연도|2018
  • 담당교수|박남기


smartphone dependency, smartphone addiction, mobile phone addiction, Big Five personality, attachment style, self-esteem, impulsiveness



The primary purpose for this study was to investigate the effects of user’s personality, attachment style, and self-esteem as predictors of smartphone dependency in order to understand what types of people depend more heavily on smartphones. By examining the idea of smartphone dependency instead of addiction, this study aims to raise awareness of growing problem and investigate what types of users are more prone to smartphone dependency, which in turn may help to suggest solutions to this popular problematic behavior according to user differences. In addition, the mediating role of impulsiveness was examined to see whether impulsiveness mediate the relationships between the smartphone dependency and these psychological attributes. This study was conducted through an online survey with a total of 400 Korean smartphone users in ages 20-59 and collected data have been analyzed through hierarchical multiple regression. The findings suggested that self-esteem is the strongest predictor among the variables, followed by the fearful attachment style. Moreover, mediating effects of impulsiveness have been verified as well.

비고 : N1871