If compartmentalization was the focus of the 20th century, the synergy of political, economic, social and cultural areas is the new direction for global change in the 21st century. Yonsei University Graduate School of Newspaper Broadcasting (Founded in 1976) and Graduate School of Image Science (Founded in 2000) are in line with the global trend of interdisciplinary convergence across diverse research fields.


Our goal is: First, to focus on the new direction for the future of education and research. Second, to foster professionals with interdisciplinary knowledge of humanities, social sciences, arts, theory and practice without boundaries. Third, we have decided to integrate institutions with the goal of contributing to the development of culture and communication in the 21st century, which is called "the century of culture" and the "Digital age".


Korea is already the global leader in fields such as the Internet, various digital media, mobile media, and robotics. In addition, as shown in the recent "Korean Wave", the content industry is showing a transnational growth. In this context, Communication Research including Journalism, Science of Advertising and Public Relations, Technology, Culture and Design, is an academic field where Korea can lead the world's development and an educational field where the most talented people can be trained.


The Graduate School of Communication seeks to achieve 'Globalization of our academic knowledge', 'Broadening the research expertise', and 'Upgrading our education' in response to these researches and the prospects of human resource development. The Graduate School of Communication promotes the continuous recruitment of foreign professors and the expansion of communication between the research institutions at home and abroad. We want to be faithful to our educational philosophy by contributing to human society by actively and creatively responding to the realistic and academic challenges posed by the increasing uncertainties of the 21st century. I would like to ask for your continuous support and encouragement to our graduate school of communication, which will open a new chapter in communication research in the 21st century.

Furthermore, we would like to invite many talented people who have the passion for arts and sciences to join us in this joyful adventure.


Thank you


Dean, Yonsei University Graduate School of Communication & Art

HyungSu Kim